Ten Things You Need To Know When Building Multiple Streams of Income

Get into Affiliate Marketing

You can still sell products without creating them from scratch. You could go into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is affiliating yourself with another company. You then work on ways to sell their product.

Say you are an accountant and have a website for your business, you can become an affiliate of an accounting software provider by placing their banner on your webpage.

The more marketing you perform to get visitors to your site, the better. Depending upon the company and product, you can generate from as little as $1 to hundreds of dollars per referral. Other places to find great brands include Commission Junction or ClickBank.

Start a Savings Account

You may think of a savings account as just that, savings. But it’s actually another form of income as the money in the account will draw interest. And while this interest may be small, it’s still better than $0. Eventually, you can invest this money whenever an opportunity presents itself in order to gain other income streams.  Look into Tax Free Savings Accounts if you are going this route.

Write a Book

Another hybrid method of generating income is to write a book. It can be an eBook or a physical book. It doesn’t matter the niche; someone else is bound to be searching for it. eBooks are a great way to get involved in writing.

You can create a short story or write a long novel. You can write fiction or nonfiction. They are inexpensive to complete, and you can post it for sale on your own website or sites such as Amazon.

Writing a physical book takes a bit more time and effort, however, the payoffs are well worth it. For starters, you will be seen as an industry expert if your book takes off. This is phenomenal because it can open other doors that can generate other streams of income such as speaking at workshops or consulting opportunities.


So as you can see, you can start generating multiple streams of income at no cost and mostly with little time involved. Get started today to ensure your financial success.

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